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September 2014 ACM TODS Editorial

I have always viewed ACM Transactions on Database Systems, TODS, as the top journal in the area of data management so I am very happy, but also humbled, to have been given the opportunity to serve as Editor-in-Chief for the journal. In brief, I have served as an Associate Editor of TODS, and I have authored half a dozen articles published in the journal. I am ending a 6+-year term as an Editor-in-Chief of The VLDB Journal. I hope to benefit from this experience. I view the job of an Editor-in-Chief as having two main aspects: the day-to-day operation of the journal and the strategic development of the journal.

Since I took over from Meral Özsoyo?lu at the beginning of June, I have been hard at work learning about the journals web-based system, its procedures, and its workflows for article evaluation and production of accepted articles. There is much to learn, but with the help of the TODS team, including Meral, the Associate Editors, and ACM staff, I am confident that I will soon be up to speed. I am already impressed by the dedication, professionalism, and insight of the TODS team. While this aspect involves a lot of hard work, it is also rewarding to work with smart and committed people.

TODS must serve the data management community and the activity of research and publication in its topic area in the best possible way. As data management research and publication evolve, TODS must also evolve, and I intend to continually consider and assess possible improvements. Thus, I welcome any suggestions you may have. I can always be reached via email. This said, I also believe in being cautious; and I believe that it is important to benefit from the insights and views of the entire TODS team and of anybody else who is willing to contribute. I am looking forward to the process of seeking out and understanding the opportunities and of managing the evolution of TODS.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank Meral for her service to TODS during the past 6+ years. I am only starting to understand the scope of the commitment she accepted some 6 years ago and the amount of work, care, and dedication she has contributed in order to ensure the well-being of the journal. I am hoping that I can keep up the good work.

Christian S. Jensen

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