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ACM TODS Reviewers

(written by Richard T. Snodgrass, June 2003)

Reviewers are the unsung heroes of scientific publishing. They are unpaid and rarely acknowledged, yet they work hard reading initial drafts of papers, many of which will not appear in TODS. I want to highlight their contributions and to publicly thank them for their time and effort.

As discussed in previous columns, TODS goes to great lengths to ensure that reviewers (a) remain anonymous, (b) are sent only submissions that meet submission guidelines and are relevant to their area of expertise, (c) are provided clear guidelines on the review itself and on potential conflicts of interest, (d) are not overloaded with reviews of TODS submissions, (e) are provided a reasonable time (at least two months) to do a review, and (f) are informed of the editorial decision, including the author-visible portion of reviews. TODS has the notable policy of not expecting more than one formal review in any twelve-month period, though reviewers can elect to do more reviews if they wish (and many in fact do so).

TODS reviewers are the principal guarantors of the high quality and technical correctness that readers demand of this scientific journal. Most papers that referees review are rejected by TODS, though a modified version may appear in another venue. Those that appear in TODS are often reviewed two or three times before they are accepted. In both cases, the reviewers markedly improve the paper, though a close, though anonymous to the authors, dialog.

For some of the papers I've personally handled, and for some papers that Associate Editors have told me about, the reviews and the responses to the referees from the authors have been truly inspiring, with all parties obviously dedicated to configuring a paper that most effectively conveys its insights to its readers. When that happens, it is a joy to be part of this process. And perhaps more surprisingly, some authors of papers that are rejected convey their appreciation for the constructive comments of the reviewers.

The community owes the following people a debt of gratitude for their responsive and generally quite detailed reviews. These reviewers (for papers whose editorial decisions were made between July 2001 through March 2003, almost 200 reviewers in all) are true professionals, participating in a meaningful way in the scholarly process.

To each, please accept my personal and heartfelt thanks.

Ashraf Aboulnaga Swarup Acharya Dimitris Achlioptas
Charu Aggarwal Gustavo Alonso Mehmet Altinel
Walid Aref Marcelo Arenas Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau
Ricardo Baeza-Yates Roberto Bayardo Catriel Beeri
Zohra Bellahsene Michael Benedikt Stefan Berchtold
Philip Bernstein Caludio Bettini Kevin Beyer
Nicole Bidoit Alexandros Biliris José Blakeley
Michael Böhlen Christian Böhm Alex Borgida
Tolga Bozkaya Thomas Brinkhoff Nicolas Bruno
Diego Calvanese Selcuk Candan Soumen Chakrabarti
Ed Chang Surajit Chaudhuri Sudarshan S. Chawathe
Chung-Min Chen Mitch Cherniak Boris Chidlovskii
Jan Chomicki Marek Chroback Paolo Ciaccia
Gregory Cobena Christine Collet Sara Comai
Antonio Corradi Andrea Corradini Stavros Cosmadakis
Peter Danzig Gautam Das Prasad Deshpande
Tharam Dillon Curtis E. Dyreson Funda Ergun
Alexandre Evfimievski Ron Fagin Christos Faloutsos
Wenfei Fan Leonidas Fegaras Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu
Mary Fernandez Shashi Gadia Venky Ganti
Johannes Gehrke Michael Gertz Philip Gibbons
Aris Gionis Jonathan Goldstein Stéphane Grumbach
Giovanna Guerrini Dimitrios Gunopulos Oliver Günther
Peter Haas Joe Hellerstein Klaus Hinrichs
Gisli R. Hjaltason Bruce Horowitz Piotr Indyk
Bala Iyer Sushil Jajodia Matthias Jarke
Arthur Keller Werner Kießling Jerry Kiernan
George Kollios Christian Konig Flip Korn
Hank Korth Donald Kossmann H. V. Jagadish
Masaru Kitsuregawa Nick Koudas Alex Labrinidis
Jintae Lee Leonid Libkin Stephen W. Liddle
Tok Wang Ling David Lomet Bertram Ludäscher
Qiong Luo Emil C. Lupu David Maier
Heikki Mannila Ioana Manolescu Volker Markl
Sharad Mehrotra Sergey Melnik Alberto Mendelzon
Wai Yin Mok Bongki Moon Richard Muntz
Vivek Narasayya Mario Nascimento Jeffrey Naughton
Sham Navathe Mattis Neiling Frank Neven
Raymond Ng Sylvia Osborn Gultekin Özsoyolu
Meral Özsoyolu Shankar Pal Yannis Papakonstantinou
Stefano Paraboschi Jignesh M. Patel Peter Patel-Schneider
Alain Pirotte Vishy Poosala Alexandra Poulovassilis
Magda Procopiuc Octavian Procopiuc Sridhar Rajagopalan
Krithi Ramamritham Peter Rathmann Rajmohan Rojaraman
Kenneth Ross Pierangela Samarati Neal Sample
Sunita Sarawagi Kai-Wue Sattler Klaus-Dieter Schewe
Torsten Schlieder Albrecht Schmidt Markus Schneider
Thomas Schwentick Bernhard Seeger Thomas Seidl
Ken Sevcik Jayavel Shanmugasundaram Sujeet Shenoi
Kuysoek Shim Richard Sidle Jerome Simeon
Ambuj Singh Veda C. Storey Jianwen Su
V. S. Subrahmanian Chengyu Sun Katsumi Tanaka
Jun Tao Yufei Tao Hannu Toivonen
David Toman Anthony Tomasic Riccardo Torlone
Caetano Traina Jr. Vassilis Tsotras Jeffrey Ullman
Özgür Ulusoy Jan Vahrenhold Alejandro Vaisman
Jan Van den Bussche Victor Vianu Jeff Vitter
Yair Wand Roger Weber Janet Wiener
Jef Wijsen William Winsborough Peter Wood
Avishi Wool Ting Yu Li-Yan Yuan
Aidong Zhang


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