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Changes to the TODS Editorial Board

(written by Richard T. Snodgrass, September 2005)

The December issue should be out soon, if it isn't already. It is a special issue of papers invited from the SIGMOD'04 and PODS'04 conferences. I thank the authors, associate editors, and reviewers (some from the SIGMOD and PODS program committees) for writing, reviewing, revising, reviewing again, and then getting into final form these papers in the amazingly short time of eighteen months. This is a very nice issue, with seven substantive papers.

The 2005 volume (volume 30) of TODS is the largest one yet, by far, and the first one over 1000 pages (over 1100 pages, actually). Included in this volume, in the September 2005 issue, is one of Alberto Mendelzon's last papers, "Capturing summarizability with integrity constraints in OLAP." Alberto was a TODS Associate Editor for four years, and before that worked with me as SIGMOD Information Director. I greatly miss him and his gentle smile.

Submissions to TODS have doubled over the past three years. I'm very pleased to announce the appointment of four new Associate Editors, bringing the Editorial Board to 23.

  • Phokion Kolaitis works on logic in databases. Current research interests include data integration and interoperability, metadata management, query languages, and deductive databases.
  • Ken Ross's current interests include query processing and optimization, particularly in the context of database systems running on new and/or nontraditional hardware. He also has projects in several application domains, including archeology, architecture, and biology.
  • Pierangela Samarati's research interests are in the areas of access control policies, models, languages, and systems; data security and privacy; information system security; and information protection in general.
  • S. Sudarshan's main research interests include query optimization, keyword queries on structured and semi-structured data, and fine-grained access control. He is also working on tools for supporting database application development.

We're very fortunate that such accomplished scholars are willing to invest their valuable time to handle manuscripts.

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