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Self-Plagiarism Policy

Approved April 14, 2003

Self-plagiarism is when an author reuses portions of his or her previous writings in subsequent research papers. It is important that TODS have a very clear policy on this. In fact, TODS is in pretty good shape already.

There are several points that should be emphasized, but aren't.

  • The authors should tell the editor about any paper by authors of the TODS submission that overlaps significantly with the TODS submission.
  • We should be explicit on when the author is required to inform the editor of overlap (it could be any time in-between the time of submission and time of acceptance). For example, an invited paper could be created and published after the TODS paper is submitted, so it is not enough to require the author to describe overlap when a paper is submitted.
  • Such overlapping papers should be cited by the TODS paper.

(We also don't explicitly state the penalty for excessive self-plagiarism, but it is pretty clear that the penalty is that the submission is rejected.)

The following should be added to the end of the Prior Publication Policy.

  • The corresponding author of a TODS submission must inform the editor handling that submission about any paper by any author of the TODS submission that (a) is in submission, (b) has been accepted for publication, or (c) has been published, that overlaps significantly (more than a page or so) with the TODS submission. Such papers in categories (b) and (c) should be referenced by the TODS submission and discussed in the related work section, as appropriate. The corresponding author should also inform the editor about any overlaps that occur while the paper is under consideration by TODS. In all cases, the Editor will make the determination as to whether the overlap is acceptable.
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