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Reviewer Rights Policy

Approved June 2, 2001

The following policies were instituted to ensure uniform service to reviewers and to let others know of the guarantees we provide to reviewers.

  • A TODS Editor will always request permission from a referee before sending a paper a paper for review. The paper's abstract and the deadline for the review will accompany this request.
  • TODS will allow a reasonable time for a review, at least two months for an initial formal review.
  • TODS will strive to not overload referees with TODS reviews. Specifically, TODS will not expect referees to review more than one TODS paper in any twelve-month period.
  • TODS recognizes that reviewing is a service to the profession and that reviewers have the right to decline a requested review.
  • TODS employs single-blind reviewing. The identity of reviewers will not be revealed to the authors or to the other reviewers. The author-visible portion of reviews as well as the final editorial decision will be provided to the contact author as well as to the reviewers once an editorial decision has been made. No one else will be shown the reviews. Reviewers retain ownership of copyright for their reviews.

There are some provisos and exceptions for these policies. Informal reviews and reviews of revised manuscripts can be quicker than two months. Revised papers should be reviewed by the same referees, and this review will probably occur within the twelve months, but that will just extend the required interval before the next review. And referees are welcome to volunteer for more reviewing than the maximum of one formal review per year, if they wish.

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