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Policy for Inviting PODS Papers to TODS

Approved April 28, 2016

From zero to four papers are selected by the PODS PC chair, on the bases of quality, perceived feasibility of being extended into submissions to TODS, interest to the database systems community, and the journal’s editorial focus on papers that fuse theory and practice. These papers are forwarded to the TODS EiC along with motivation, optional reviewer suggestions, and the original reviews, provided permission is given by the reviewers. The TODS EiC then invites submission of extended versions of the selected papers, or a subset thereof.

TODS requires at least 30% new material. The new material should be content material, not just the addition of obvious proofs or a few more straightforward performance figures. (See the relevant TODS guidelines for authors.)

Each submission is reviewed in the normal manner, but reviewers are told that the submission is an invited submission, and single-blind reviewing is used. Acceptance is not guaranteed. The handling Associate Editor will receive the names of reviewers of the original PODS submission and possibly additional suggestions, based on which the AE assigns reviewers to the new submission.

The PODS PC chair is to send the candidate papers to the TODS EiC as soon as possible and at most one month after the conference. Authors are given approximately four months to extend their papers. The submissions are published as they are accepted, and they will be marked as invited PODS papers.

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