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Manuscript Submission Policy

Adopted May 7, 2005

There are currently three ways to submit a paper to TODS.

  • Submission by uploading a PostScript or PDF file is the preferred method. To submit a paper, please use the file upload submission process.
  • One acceptable form of electronic submission is by posting the paper first at the Computing Research Repository (CoRR) and subsequently sending the archive identifier by email to Please read the page of CoRR submissions for more information.
  • To submit by postal mail, five paper copies of the manuscript intended for publication and a single, submittal letter signed by the author, should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief at the following address:

    Richard T. Snodgrass
    TODS Editor-in-Chief
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Arizona
    P.O. Box 210077
    Tucson, AZ 85721-0077
    Tel: (520) 621-6370
    FAX: (520) 621-4246

    When appropriate, the paper should be accompanied by a customs declaration reading "educational material - no commercial value." If a street address is needed for delivery, please use (in addition to the above address) "711 Gould Simpson Building, Fourth Street."

Given the good facilities of ManuscriptCentral for monitoring and logging interactions on submitted manuscripts, the option of postal submission has been removed, as has the option of using CORR. All TODS submissions must now go through ManuscriptCentral.

The submission instructions will be changed to the following.

To submit a paper, please use the file upload submission process. PDF or postscript are the preferred formats.

Before submitting their manuscript, authors should examine the Prior Publication Policy to ensure that their manuscript adheres to both the novelty and disclosure requirements.

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