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Policy For Inviting Conference Papers to TODS

Approved October 5, 2004
Won Kim regularly invited some SIGMOD papers for submission to TODS. When Rick Snodgrass came on board as EiC, he asked the EB which conferences were the best, and they replied SIGMOD, VLDB, PODS, EDBT, ICDT, ICDE, in roughly that order. VLDB already had a relationship with VLDBJ and ICDE with TKDE. Rick Snodgrass then negotiated with the four other conferences, realizing cooperative arrangements that provides roughly 10 submissions a year, most of which are eventually accepted, most after a major revision. (Note that EDBT and ICDT are every other year.) These arrangements are documented in other policies: SIGMOD, EDBT, ICDT, and PODS.

In a subsequent discussion in September 2004, it was strongly felt by the EB that the "invitation mode" should be reserved for a very small number of the very best first-rate conferences (no workshops, no second-tier conferences, and no specialized conferences). While invited papers are also fully reviewed, "invitation" still implies that there is an initial expectation that there is a higher probability that the paper will be accepted, and so reflects recognition from TODS of the quality of the conference. It was felt that it would weaken TODS to be associated with anything but the top conferences that cover databases in a broad sense of the term. It was also emphasized that any author of any paper can always submit a paper to TODS, so this policy does not limit submissions.

This policy allows two kinds of invited papers. The first is a paper that appears in SIGMOD, PODS, EDBT, or ICDT that is vetted by the stated procedure for that conference, and subsequently invited for submission to TODS. Such papers are handled in a specified way (e.g., some of the reviewers were the original reviewers of the conference submission, all reviewers are notified that the paper was invited). If and when these papers are accepted, they generally appear in a special section or issue.

The second kind is an ad hoc invited paper. Any Associate Editor can encourage the author of work that AE respects, or of a conference paper that AE admires, to submit a follow-on paper to TODS. Such submissions are handled as regular submissions, with no special consideration whatsoever.

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